WMG is an asset management company, licensed with the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in Hong Kong. It has been established by a group of industry professionals to offer a bespoke alternative for the more discerning higher net worth client and family office.


With more than 120 years experience in the financial services industry, including 100 years in Asia, the Executive Investment Team are well practiced in partnering with private clients and wealth managers alike.

WMG ensures a seamless and fully personalized service and is ideally placed to offer a solution that accesses institutional investment resources and professional managers.



Wealth Management Group (WMG) is a 360 degree financial management firm providing investment, insurance, legal and commercial administrative services. Our clients are individuals, companies and families.

The professionals that comprise WMG are a number of diverse experts brought together in a single multidisciplinary team to create comprehensive and cohesive plans that grow and protect the wealth of its clients.

We help clients to define, and then refine, their vision of the future and their personal values. With these agreed it is then possible to discuss with clients the objectives that need to be achieved to realise their vision.

Finally, we will liaise regularly with clients to monitor lifestyle changes that may require an adjustment of their vision and subsequent objectives.

The client is at the core of our business.

Wealth Management Group Limited is regulated in Hong Kong by the Securities and Futures Commission, CE reference ANM279 and by the Professional Insurance Brokers Association, Membership No. 0672.



Financial Families have the ability to receive wealth management services through a variety of means. They can become a client of many financial institutions providing varying sets of services that meet their needs. MGW’s family office service enables you to employ us to work with your existing team, or our strategic partners, in establishing a new team with whom we will work in providing all investment management needs: from direct management to appointing managers for you, and we will also continue to monitor and agree investment mandates.

We access the skills and experience from major institutions while remaining responsible for the entire investment needs and reporting to the family.


It is not surprising with Asia‘s emerging wealth that more and more institutions are offering Private Banking Services.

Research has shown a continual despondency with the available investment options available, WMG considers every client a business partner and is keen to work with your team of advisors to build and monitor a bespoke investment management program.


WMG offers a tracker portfolio service for personal and corporate clients who seek only equity portfolio management service at a lower cost. In addition to building the portfolio, WMG will include an entry and exit strategy used when deemed appropriate (as the investment committee review mark et conditions).

The investment management team may also include single strategy hedge funds to increase returns where appropriate.


Trustees, whether for private trusts or charitable trusts, are responsible for the assets held. 


This requires them to ensure that the assets with which they are entrusted are maintained in a way commensurate with the objectives of the trust.


We, at WMG, have many years experience in advising trustees and ensuring any investments made are appropriate.


Working with your pension administrators, or if no scheme is currently in place, we are able to work with our strategic partners in establishing and managing bespoke pension funds for global corporations, senior executives or entrepreneurs.

Where investment managers are already in place, our senior executive team can be employed to monitor the investment management; reporting and bench mark ing the performance over an agreed period of time, or agreeing on your behalf model portfolio’s providing clarity and simplicity for employees.


Socially Responsible Investing or Eco investing has become a popular method of integrating personal values and social concerns. WMG’s SRI & Eco Care is Asia ‘s first portfolio management service that enables clients to consider both their investment needs and the investment impact on society. With WMG’s SRI & Eco Care service, you can put your money to work to build a better future while earning competitive returns.

This assertive and growth sector of sophisticated investment management has made quantum leaps in the UK . SRI assets have grown from £23 billion in 1997 to £225 billion in 2001. In Europe there is in excess of 1trillion Euros in SRIs estimated at more than 223 trillion in the US (2003).


Typically, socially responsible investing takes three different forms – screening, shareholder activism, and community investing. These different methods of social investing may be used separately or in combination with each other. While the community investing mechanism is most directly focused at building community wealth; all forms of socially responsible investing open up important possibilities for new funding streams for asset development.

Discipline Plus removes the emotion out of the investment process and enforces a disciplined structure to your portfolio management needs. Every asset class has its day and the structured rebalancing across different asset classes enables your portfolio to remain well placed, regardless of the current stage of the economic cycle.


The best performing global offshore fund grew by 591% in the last five years, the worst a loss of 82%. You would have been very perceptive to have invested in the former and unlucky to have held the latter.


Discipline Plus relieves you of the responsibility of researching markets, countries, sectors, managers and currency.


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